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Celebrating Poetry and Great Reads

Good Morning Bookman Readers:

APRIL IS POETRY MONTH!! Each year the Bookman marks the season with a special poetry event. In past years, we have turned the bookstore into a small theater for readings by our local poets. This year we are broadening our event. Partnering with Loutit and Spring Lake District Libraries, C3:West Michigan’s Inclusive Spiritual Connection, and Reeths-Puffer High School, we are initiating what we hope will become an exchange in celebration of poetry with poets from the East Side of our state. Three published poets, Nandi Comer, Sonya Marie Pouncy, and Willie Williams will present “Poetic Voices of Detroit.”

Local Talent, Loyal to the Community

February 28, 2017

Hello Bookman Readers,

I am writing this on the eve of our second anniversary of owning the store, March 1, 2015, and in recognizing this milestone, we are grateful for so many things. Most importantly are the talents and skills of our inherited staff members: Joan and Diane who were here in the beginning days with Jim and Mary Dana. Others joined the Waanders through the years: Jill, Aimee, Barb, and Ann. They continue to be our knowledgeable, patient guides and teachers in the art of becoming Booksellers.

Unprecedented Mission

Dear Readers,

As we are reminded daily that we are living in unprecedented times, we want to share our thinking about the role of The Bookman LLC in our community.

When Dick, Sharon and Alexa and I bought the bookstore in March of 2015, at the top of our agenda was to create a Mission Statement that would help us define our purpose, and guide us in our future decision-making for The Bookman.

Speculation and Certainty

Good Day!

the bookmanToday, we are looking back at our first full year of stewardship of The Bookman. It began in the early morning winter days of January with Dick climbing ladders and pulling wires for our new computer system. With his expertise, everything was running in record time. We are grateful for a staff of quick learners and customers with a sense of humor and patience!

Hello! And Books about Bookstores

Good Morning.

Welcome to the Bookman Bookstore Blog. Our new Website is up and running well, and our “ship-to-home” feature is now a working option to make it easier for you to order from your home. We decided it is time to initiate our Bookman Blog with some of the titles we are reading.

National Historic Landmark

The Bookman is happy to support the SS Milwaukee Clipper Preservation, Inc (MCPI).  


The beautifully illustrated history by Steven S. DeMos, M.D. and Marylouise Plant is now on our shelves, and all proceeds go directly to the ship’s preservation.  

The cost is $50.00, cash or check.  Please visit us and take a look at this impressive coffee-table book.